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Entrepreneurship Workshop in Granada- Video blog!

Brittany Lane, Team Leader of the Mariposas, has devoted a portion of her time to focusing on Spring workshops. Hear about it in her words and also check it out through the video created by fellow Team Leader Alex Warren thanks to filming by Alex Board.
"My goal for the workshop was to create a longer-term, mentally challenging exercise masked in a fun activity to give the girls a chance to think in an entrepreneurial and creative way. I structured it to last two weeks and divided it into two parts. The theme of part one was the importance of planning the steps necessary to ensure the quality and consistency of any given product. We invited a woman who cooks and sells gallo pinto (rice and beans, a standard Nicaraguan dish) to come to the office and simulate the steps of cooking the dish from start to finish, following instructions that the girls came up with in small groups. The woman couldn't interject if the girls missed any steps until the end of the exercise. Because they had to think on the spot, they naturally forgot a few important steps, demonstrating the need to make a detailed plan in advance.
Part two lasted the next week and a half, and the goal was to put the importance of planning into action by choosing a product and creating a video advertisement for it. On the first day of the part two series, a man involved in the publicity side of Movistar (cell phone company) visited the office to talk about important things to think about in order to sell a product: the targeted audience, unique qualities of the product, etc. Then we split the girls into five small groups to pick their products and start planning. The following Tuesday began the process of recording the advertisements. To amplify excitement, we turned the project into a competition by creating a panel of judges, including a professional female journalist in Granada, to select the most convincing and best overall presentation that Thursday. By filming and also turning it into a contest, I hoped to increase the pressure a little bit so that the girls felt there was something at stake depending on their performance. This urged them to demand more of themselves and reach beyond just acceptable. Overall I think the taller activated the girls' imaginations and urged them to step out of some of their comfort zones. They enjoyed seeing themselves on camera and I believe they understood the major themes. I think it was a great way to end the first half of the season leading into Semana Santa and feed their desire to return the following week ready for more interesting and creative activities."

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