In the Spotlight

SWB Nicaragua launches Education Program, supporting school uniforms and supplies, and providing secondary school scholarships to program participants.

Upcoming Events

April 18-19: City Showcase Tournament, SWB NYC

April 19: SWB Day with Exelon, SWB Chicago

May 29: "Our World Cup" Gala, SWB Baltimore

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Mission and Values


Soccer Without Borders uses soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing under-served youth a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success. 

Core Values:

Focus on the Whole Person: SWB believes in a whole-person approach. Our programs help young people come into a greater understanding of their bodies, minds, and voices, creating avenues toward individual growth, new opportunities, and the achievement of personal goals. 

Authenticity: Soccer Without Borders gives voice and value to the ideas of local leaders. In addition to imported human, physical, and intellectual resources, SWB mobilizes local expertise, empowering and employing resident experts to educate from within the community. To ensure programming is authentic and responsive to local needs, SWB implements a three-step process.  Every SWB program is devoted to this process:

Engage youth and their communities through soccer teams.

Collaborate with youth, families, schools, and community leaders to identify obstacles facing youth.

Realize consistent on and off field programming that supports youth to overcome these obstacles. 

Process-oriented: SWB believes that the process is often more important than the outcome. SWB leadership, participants and families commit to uphold process-oriented values that create a culture of acceptance, an inclusive environment, and supported progress toward goals. These values are: 

  • The inherent potential and gifts of all young people
  • Honesty and authenticity in speech and action
  • All learners as teachers and all teachers as learners
  • Openness to all perspectives, voices, and people
  • Project sustainability