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Building and deepening relationships with those from different cultures strengthens humility, empathy, and awareness, ultimately leading to more robust, resilient communities. When we interact with people with different backgrounds our perspectives on the world are widened, making us better able to understand and include others. 


When communities are built with a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and identities they are more inclusive and equitable, providing space and safety for all.

A Section on Barriers

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See One

Representation matters when it comes to role models and leadership. In the USA, just 30% of youth sport coaches are women and 67% are white (Zippia)

SWB connects with families to provide open channels of communication about programming, and provides free transportation for participants when needed. 

Do One

Girls face difficulty finding clothing and equipment that are comfortable, functional, and appropriate, ultimately impacting whether a girl steps onto the field. 

SWB provides well-fitting, appropriate, practical, and culturally-aware sports equipment and apparel for girls to feel confident and comfortable while participating. 

Lead One

High school boys have 1.3 million more opportunities to play sports than girls do. By age 14, girls drop out of sports at two times the rate of boys. 

SWB programs provide safe, girls-only spaces with multiple on-ramps for participants of multiple skill levels to feel seen, included, and valued.

Teach One

Only 27% of coaches in the U.S. identify as female, meaning girls are less likely to be coached, led, and supported by on who shares a part of their identity. 

SWB provides at least one female coach for all girls-only teams, providing girls with similar-identity role models, and helping girls to feel more inspired, confident, and seen.

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Impact by the Numbers

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Program Highlights

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Uganda Youth


Afghan Workshop

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World Refugee
Day Spotlight

Further Reading

Read the 2021 UNHCR
Global Trends Report

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Students who attended SWB regularly were 10 times less likely to miss school than their peers who did not.

Palo Alto University Study*

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