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Dedicate your Milestone to support SWB !

Fundraise how you want: Turn your exciting event into direct support for soccer programs for newcomer youth! Whether you are planning your upcoming birthday party or training for that big race, you can turn that personal milestone into much-needed impact for under-served youth around the world.


How it works: Planning for a big event is a lot of work on its own, and adding a fundraiser in the mix might sound daunting... but guess what? Setting up a fundraiser couldn't be easier! Create your personal fundraising page online, and share it with your friends and family and that's it. They can start celebrating your efforts in a matter of clicks! 


Best news is: SWB staff is here to help! Once you pick an event, we can help guide you in setting up a fundraising page on Crowdrise, and provide you with info, pictures, and video to help promote SWB to your friends. Even better? After your event we will send you an SWB T-Shirt for your wonderful work!

Need Some Ideas?​

Celebrate Your Birthday

Party it up for SWB! Have your friends and family donate to SWB in honor of your birthday.

Featured: Caleb Menebroker

Caleb (center) is passionate about soccer and wanted to give back rather then receive gifts at his 7th birthday party. Caleb asked his family and friends for donations in support of Soccer Without Borders. He then held his birthday party at his Soccer Academy and collected $400 in donations for Futbol sin Fronteras Granada (Soccer Without Borders Granada)!

Run a Race

Enter a 5K, half marathon, marathon or other athletic event

Featured: Covered Bridges Half Marathon

Training for any race is a big challenge, but a half marathon takes extra commitment. Lindsay and Heather Keare were already training like mad for the upcoming 13.1 miles when they decided to go even further: to use their run to help fundraise for girls programs in Nicaragua. Recruiting their friends and family to sponsor her during the big run, Lindsay and Heather raised over $2,500 for SWB programs!


Check out other opportunities to run with SWB here!

eli nissenbaum .png
Celebrate Your Milestone

Celebrate your wedding, bar mitzvah, or any other important event with SWB

Featured: Eli Nissenbaum

Eli used his passion for soccer to help celebrate his Bar Mitzvah and give back to the soccer community! Eli set up a Greater Goals Campaign and gathered pledges from his friends and families members for every shot he saved during his soccer season. By the end of the season, Eli had raised over $1,900 for SWB programs helping under-served youth join Soccer Without Borders teams in the US and abroad! 

Do you have a milestone you would like to dedicate to SWB click the get started button above! 


My event is planned! Now what?


Once you have your event in mind, you're practically finished! All that's left to do is head over to Crowdrise and set up your fundraising page for SWB, then you are good to go. No registration, no forms, just you and your event. Crush that race, celebrate your birthday, and everything in between. Most importantly, have fun! 

Once it is all said and done, take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back: your effort just made a big difference in supporting soccer programming for SWB. And make sure to let us know how it goes! Tell us about your success story via email or a quick phone call with SWB staff. We would love see pictures! Finally, don't forget to THANK your supporters, teammates, 

friends, mentors, and parents for being a part of your amazing effort for Soccer Without Borders!

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Are you passionate about the potential of soccer to create positive change, and want to share it with your friends and family? 


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