The Fútbol Sin Fronteras Granada Programa Educativo (SWB Granada Education Program) was established in 2014 in memory of a young man who exhibited all of the characteristics of a well-rounded student-athlete: humility, dedication to school and team, integrity, hard work, care for self and others. The program was established in his honor by his family to provide educational and financial support to girls in FSF who have dedicated themselves to learning, to their team, and to their futures. 




We implement a two-tiered educational support system for participants that addresses the barriers to secondary school completion:



Tier 1

Accessible to all participants 


Material support for school uniforms (public and private) and educational supplies earned through participation in SWB activities.  Daily homework hours with access to computers, art supplies, internet, and tutors.


Tier 2

Accessible to selected participants


Secondary school scholarships for matriculation fees, full uniform and educational supplies. Mandatory tutoring and advising hours and quarterly progress reports.


To facilitate positive secondary school outcomes for the participants of Fútbol Sin Fronteras (Soccer Without Borders) Granada through a system of financial, academic, and socio-emotional support that empowers participants to overcome barriers to success.


How are scholarship recipients selected?


The minimum eligibility to apply for an FSF scholarship (or "beca" in Spanish) is:

  • must be in or entering secondary school

  • must have maintained at least 50% attendance in program activities during the previous season (ie. 2+ days/week)

  • must have achieved at least 70% grade average on the previous year's report card, with no failing (60% or below) grades.

All eligible program participants are encouraged to apply, and applications are accepted twice annually. The scholarship application itself is scored on a 100 point system, with 70 points earning a scholarship. All participants who reach that threshold are awarded a scholarship; girls do not compete with one another for limited slots. The balance of the point system and weight of each of five areas (contribution to team, need, personal statement, demonstrated character, complete application including home visit) is based on research from local, national, and international scholarship programs, as well as feedback from local coaches and six years of program experience in Granada.

Why secondary school?


  • While the primary school enrollment rate for Nicaraguan girls is 85%, the secondary school enrollment rate is just 45%.

  • The attendance rate for Nicaraguan girls in primary school is 83.6%, yet in secondary school it drops to 57.9%, meaning girls miss more than 2 days per week of school on average each week.

  • The school life expectancy for a Nicaraguan girl is 10.2 years.

  • 48% of Nicaraguan girls are pregnant by age 20, with 28% to girls age 14-18. This rate is much lower for girls who stay in school.

  • Expected lifetime income increases by 15-25% per additional year of secondary school.

What are the barriers of completion?


  • Cost of uniforms and school supplies, even at public schools

  • Lost income for family/need to work

  • Responsibilities in the home so that parents can work (care for siblings, cleaning, watching the house)

  • Lack of incentive for long-term visioning and planning

  • Teen pregnancy

  • Precedent/peer group

  • Health issues causing high absence rate

  • Lack of academic support once behind

Thank you to...


Girls Rights Project

Thomas H. Pope Scholarship Fund

The Blanco Family


And all volunteers who donate school supplies!


Congratulations to our 2017 scholarship recipients! 

Adriana, 17 years old
Alejandra, 14 years old
Aixa, 9 years old
Alba, 17 years old
Angely, 16 years old
Andrea, 14 years old
Allisson, 16 years old
Baby, 8 years old
Hasley, 16 years old
Guadalupe, 16 years old
Guadalupe, 8 years old
Ginger, 10 years old
Esterlina, 11 years old
Francisca, 18 years old
Celeste, 12 years old
Hazell, 16 years old
Jennifer, 15 years old
Josseling, 9 years old
Josseling, 10 years old
Karen, 15 years old
Karla, 17 years old
Katherine, 12 years old
Mariangeles, 14 years old
Michell, 16 years old
Maria Jose, 15 years old
Maria Alejandra, 16 years old
Kayseling, 14 years old
Maikeling, 12 years old
Lijia, 8 years old
Milagros, 12 years old
Miriam, 12 years old
Naomi, 15 years old
Mileydis, 14 years old
Natalia, 16 years old
Reyna, 15 years old
Rosemary, 16 years old
Yuneysi, 9 years old
Yaniski, 9 years old
Valeria, 14 years old
Valeska, 15 years old
Valentina, 8 years old
Sandra, 13 years old
Perla, 13 years old
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