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SWB Oakland U19 Girls Trip to UC Santa Cruz

Just before the holidays, the SWB Oakland U19 Girls team went on a trip to the University of California Santa Cruz. It was exciting for the team to see what a college campus is like and to speak to Coach Cristy and Coach Shadin about their experiences at UCSC. It was also an important team-building opportunity, as the group enjoyed getting away from Oakland for some fun on the beach.


Mu Mu, a Senior on the U19 Girls team, describes the experience:

“A few weeks ago was our field trip to University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) with our soccer team. Santa Cruz had such beautiful weather on the day we were there. When we got there, we were met by coach Cristy. She attends UCSC. We were there to tour the campus, and she showed us a lot of great things about the school. In addition, she had a lot of good information about the school. Finally, we went to a beach, which was why everyone was so excited to be there. We spend time eating lunch and had fun at the beach. The best part was when we took off our shoes and played soccer at the beach.”


Exploring the UCSC library!


Coaches Cristy & Shadin talked to the team about college life


Beach soccer!

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