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Partnership in Kampala: Opportunity for SWB Participants

By: Amy Howard, Team Leader

SWB Uganda has had a few very exciting months! First, we moved into a new center that we are falling more in love with each day. Then, last month, we had a very fun and successful Youth Festival, where nearly 300 participants came out to enjoy! Most recently, we are VERY PROUD to say that through a partnership with Xavier Project in Kampala, Uganda, 16 of our participants have been chosen to receive scholarships to attend school! In December, over 50 of our participants - majority being Congolese refugees - were selected to participate in a month-long intensive English program held by Xavier Project. During that month, our students attended school in Katwe, Kampala every day (Monday - Friday) to improve their English as much as possible. Many of the top teachers from around the area were leading the classes. At the end of January, all of the students took an English exam to find out what they had learned so far. Out of the 20 scholarships available by Xavier Project, 16 of the recipients were from Soccer Without Borders Uganda. Xavier Project chose the recipients based on test scores, behavior, effort, and potential. We are so proud of our students as they started their education this past week at various schools in the Nsambya area. It is amazing to see the way meaningful local partnerships can work together to create opportunities and strengthen the community.


Elia and Edward, two scholarship recipients

For more information on the Xavier Project, visit their website.

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