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Player Spotlight: Moutaz Bdawi

By: Moutaz Bdawi

Moutaz is a player on the U18 Boys' team at Soccer Without Borders Greeley-Fort Collins. Through his participation in the program, his positive attitude, and outstanding soccer play, he has been offered a number of scholarships to play soccer in college next year. Here, Moutaz gives us a glimpse into his amazing story, and his experience with SWB:

Greeley Moutaz.jpg

As a Soccer Without Borders player for the past two years, I have learned how to appreciate the game, coaches, volunteers, teammates, and the program in general. It feels like being in a family outside of the home. Working together and spending more time with the players in the program taught me much that I will remember. Of course, with the help of Amy Snider and Robb Ball, we've become much better players that can compete at almost any college level from now on. My dream in the United States was always to bring my love of soccer as a street player from back home in Libya and develop it under a great program of coaches and teammates from around the world. Truly, these experiences have given me so many opportunities to look forward to; not only in the game, but also in the chance to attend college and do what I love, soccer. SWB has provided us the chance to shine individually, and we've created better relationships with the help of the staff and coaches.

I'm very thankful for what they have given me, and I'm looking forward to more memories and success for the rest of the season with SWB.

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