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  • Soccer Without Borders

Greeley's Peace Games

By: Zach Kilimann


“What is peace?” “How can you be an advocate for peace in your school and your community?” “What can you change in the way you behave this week to be more prone towards peace?” Alternating between scissors and maradonas on the field, different mediums of art, and two-steps in the gym, students of different descent and native language discussed these questions and more regarding peace in their community.

Over 700 students from John Evans Middle School shared in what was Soccer Without Borders Greeley’s first annual involvement in the Global Peace Games!

Many of the students involved in Soccer Without Borders were given the opportunity to lead in this initiative, bringing their fellow classmates along as they partook in SWB’s model of Football3.

At the end of the day, these students had a mutual experience of sweat, laughs, and intentional discovery that is one step towards to a more inclusive and peaceful community of which they can claim as their own.


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