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SWB Boston Girls Dream Big! During First League Season

SWB Boston’s middle school girls have worked, played and grown together since 2013. After countless soccer practices, team excursions and friendly matches, the girls have become a dynamic, welcoming and hard-working group. All of that effort paid off this spring, when for the first time ever they began participating in formal league play through the Middlesex Youth Soccer League. As the Boston middle school girls take the field this spring, they are sporting brand new uniform sets complete with the SWB logo. This gear was generously donated to SWB Boston by the Dream Big!, a Massachusetts-based non-profit that empowers girls through sport by providing them with the basic items necessary to participate in their sport.

As the first females in their families to participate in sport, the girls of SWB Boston are truly trailblazers. These uniform sets have provided the SWB Boston girls with confidence and pride as they take the field every weekend and represent their families, program and community. Thank you so much to Dream Big! for supporting this team as they take this exciting step together.

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