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Connecting Refugee Youth Both on the Field and Off

SWB Greeley was recently featured in an article for The Culturist, highlighting how refugee youth find common ground in soccer!

"In a rural, agri-industrial town called Greeley, 50 miles northeast of Denver, Colo., a group of 30 or so students gather for practice on the black top behind Prairie Heights Middle School. They’ve just traded a day in the cramped confines of a classroom for a cool October afternoon outside. Their coach, Abby Smith, impressively manages to wrangle up the rambunctious group of students for their opening circle, a chance to check in with each student and find out how they’re doing, one-by-one together. The bag of soccer balls sits expectantly off to the side. Moving around the circle, Abby asks each student what they’re going to be for Halloween, her voice cutting above the din of side conversations. I hear whispers of Arabic, bits of Spanish, Thai between hushed giggles, and English in the most wonderful variety of accents." Continue reading here

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