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Spring is in the Air at SWB Baltimore

This spring season at Soccer Without Borders Baltimore is a huge one. Not only are we continuing our coed middle school and boys' high school teams, but we have a few additions to our programming that we are thrilled to begin implementing.

At our main site, Vanguard Collegiate Middle School, we have increased our number of participants from last year and hope to continue growing. We are also excited to invite all of our dedicated volunteers back into the mix and continue to form relationships with our student-athletes to make it a great semester.

Our boys high school season is also off to a great start. With over 30 players already on this year's roster, we look forward to breaking up into 2 boys' teams this year! They are very excited to get ready for a long season of games, trips, and learning together. With a few college visits and games scheduled, we can't wait to get started.

One of the new additions that we have been anticipating is our first-ever high school girls' soccer team! We have always had girls in our program, but have not yet structured soccer programming for them. With a clear passion for soccer as well, we couldn't go another season without providing them on-field opportunities to play. We had a good first week with them, and we can't wait to continue to grow and move forward together!

Our second addition is beginning programming in another school in Greektown, John Ruhrah Elementary Middle School. This school is very close to our office, and we know the population in the area and how best to use our program to serve this community. With great support from their faculty, staff, and students, we are so grateful for the opportunity to expand!

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