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Christian Science Monitor Features SWB's Work with Refugees and Immigrants

How Soccer Without Borders Can Help Young Refugees and Immigrants Adjust

The Syrian refugee crisis has drawn attention to how difficult it can be for newcomers to adjust to different surroundings.

One US organization that has been addressing this challenge, since well before the current refugee crisis, is Soccer Without Borders.

This nonprofit organization works to assist newcomer youths – refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants – through a variety of tools, including soccer. It was founded by Ben Gucciardi, a lifelong soccer player who recognized the benefits of teamwork and other rewards derived from such activity.

“I had this sense that there was a lot more potential in soccer than just playing the game,” Mr. Gucciardi says. “I saw this potential, and started to put together this idea to use the platform of a soccer team to educate about social issues.”

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