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Playing Joyfully With Senda

For the first time, when we say the words “Playing for Change” at Soccer Without Borders, which we so often do, we have a ball to match the meaning behind the phrase. Earlier this year, we worked with the talented designers at Senda Athletics to create a custom ball to commemorate 10 years of playing for change across the USA and the world. It may be impossible to capture the full meaning behind a milestone that stands for so many moments of growth, inclusion, and personal success. But the ball sure does come close.

When our custom ball arrived, it was almost too beautiful to use. I remember it sitting atop my desk, begging to be passed, juggled, and scored. But I couldn't bear the thought of seeing the words “Playing for Change” marred with grass stains, or the vibrant colors scuffed from the pavement. Finally, I headed out to the field one day to break it in with a good juggle session. Like every other Fair Trade Senda ball, its high quality was evident from the first touch. For me, there was something about seeing those words, our colors, our logo, and the “Anniversary” crest that gave me pause, as if every juggle recalled one of those moments of positive change.

With that in mind, I’d like to send a huge shoutout to Senda Athletics for their great work in designing the ball and making the process so easy. Senda and Soccer Without Borders have been partners since Senda was first launched as the only fair trade soccer ball company in the U.S. We are proud to celebrate 10 years of playing for change alongside such dedicated, creative, and passionate partners in building a more inclusive and joyful world through soccer.

Get your “Playing For Change” 10 year anniversary ball here>>

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