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SWB Named To List Of Most Innovative Organizations for Giving Back

Good Deed Seed named Soccer Without Borders to its list of the "49 of the Most Innovative Organizations for Giving Back."

"Kudos to everyone who gives back. The world is a better place when organizations and individuals show compassion and respect to the other members of their community or environment.

Now, no one is going to quibble about your method of giving back. It doesn't really matter how you give back, it's just great that you are doing so.

Yet, there are some organizations that aren't just giving back, they are doing so in very innovative ways too. They are doing so in ways hitherto unimagined or at least untried.

We felt it important to single out these innovative organizations that are giving back to their community and to the world. We applaud their efforts, and we hope you do too."

Read more about this selection and see the complete list here!

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