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Who Are The Three Soccer Sisters?

Meet Bridget, Charlotte, and Lucy: three SWB Ambassadors in fifth, fourth, and second grade who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to raise funds and spread the word about Soccer Without Borders. With help from their Dad, these girls have managed to organize three different campaigns and fundraise $2,500 over the past four months to directly support girls at SWB Nicaragua and Uganda. As a part of our Positive Tracks Ambassador Program, these efforts qualify for our matching challenge grant, putting their total over $5,000! Positive Tracks combines philanthropy and athletics to enroll youth - as partners, participants and leaders - in creating stronger communities and a healthier world. Programs, curricula, and hands on mentorship from Positive Tracks staff and volunteer peer coaches help youth ages 23 and under sweat for good.

Four months ago, they kicked off their efforts with a Greater Goals campaign with Bridget’s soccer team, followed by a raffle and ticket fundraiser at a SkyBlue FC women’s professional game in New Jersey. They were able to get local businesses and organizations to donate goods, including Goal4keepers, Soccergirlprobs, and Sky Blue FC. They rallied support from professional women’s players including Yael Averbuch, Sydney Leroux, Samantha Mewis, Christie Rampone, Carli Lloyd, Lauren Holiday, and Kelley O’Hara, who all agreed to sign merchandise for their raffle.

These trailblazing Ambassadors’ efforts included a skillfully planned and executed social media campaign. They created pages on Facebook and Twitter to rally even more support for their efforts, calling themselves the ThreeSoccerSisters. They spoke about Soccer Without Borders on a podcast with Kieran Theivam of Women's Soccer Zone, and did a video interview with SWB Executive Director Mary McVeigh.

Let’s hear from the girls themselves about their experiences as SWB Ambassadors:

"It is so inspiring to be a part of Soccer Without Borders with my two older sisters, Bridget and Charlotte. I've loved the experience throughout the entire thing. For a while, Bridget, Charlotte, and I had been looking for the perfect fundraiser to do as sisters. Finally, we found Soccer Without Borders. I would just like to say thank you to everyone who helped us out along the way. Even as a kid you can do something big in the world to change people's lives. From picking up trash, to traveling across the world; just to help those in need, we can all make a difference. Thank you all so much!"

⚽ Lucy, part of ThreeSoccerSisters

"I am so grateful to be a part of this inspiring organization: Soccer Without Borders. It has been so fun to do this with my sisters and father. My favorite part is about spreading the word and helping others in need. It is totally fair all girls should have a right to receive an education and have fun. I am so happy and proud that together we raised more than 2,500 dollars. I am amazed what we can do if we work hard and never give up. I believe that even kids can make a difference and can change people’s lives. Everyone should have rights; playing soccer and learning are big ones. Thank you so much for letting me help Soccer Without Borders raise money for those rights. I cannot believe what we did, but we did it together as a team. Thank you for this experience!"

⚽ Charlotte, part of ThreeSoccerSisters

"My experience with Soccer Without Borders was so much fun! It was activity, after activity, after activity! The podcast was sensational, and the jerseys were remarkable, but in the end, all of it was amazing. Give us an acting degree, because those videos were worth an Oscar! They were both hysterical, and meaningful, and it really helped with getting the word out for our fundraiser. Also, I loved partnering up with SoccerGrlProbs! They were an inspiration to us, and I can’t thank them enough. I can’t forget about that Modell’s shopping spree! There were mountains of cleats, and oceans of soccer balls. Oh, and those Sky Blue FC games were awesome! I love watching the games! All in all, my experience with Soccer Without Borders was outstanding, and I hope to do even more work with them soon!"

⚽ Bridget, part of ThreeSoccerSisters

Thank you to Bridget, Charlotte, and Lucy for their incredible efforts, and to all who have donated to their campaign! Join them July 8 at The SkyBlue FC home game. Use the code "SWB" when buying tickets to support their campaign with your purchase:

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