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  • Soccer Without Borders

Join the Soccer Without Borders Team

At Soccer Without Borders, we use soccer as a tool for growth, inclusion, and personal success among newcomer refugee and immigrant youth and girls playing on their first-ever team.

A service year at Soccer Without Borders is at the intersection of sport, education, community-building, and everyday advocacy for some of the world's most vulnerable young people. We are hiring in fellowship and service positions at four Soccer Without Borders locations for full-time and part-time positions:

More than 80% of our full-time staff (U.S.) first joined Soccer Without Borders through a year of service or an ongoing volunteer position. Join our family of coaches, coordinators, and advocates working for positive change in communities across the country and the world.

Coaches are the heart of our work, but often the most difficult position to fill due to the timing of practices and games.

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