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Volunteer Spotlight: Saf

As a volunteer for SWB Boston for the past three years, Saf (pictured far right) has served in a variety of roles: coaching, tutoring, driving, and supporting special events. Since joining in the fall of 2015, Saf has accumulated more than 320 hours as a volunteer - more than of any volunteer at SWB Boston in the past three years. This statistic is a testament to his consistency, and the consequential impact Saf has had as a volunteer.

What inspired you to volunteer with SWB?

I've always been keen on volunteering because I find it impossible to regret. I've also had an ever-growing sense that sport/play can make us stronger well into adulthood, and that all children should have opportunities to participate. I was surprised and grateful to find an organization that is thoughtfully applying these ideas.

What have you enjoyed the most volunteering at SWB?

I've enjoyed being a sponge around the coaches/staff and soaking up their qualities; building long-lasting connections with the U-14 boys; the room to improve my skills and expand my involvement as a volunteer; and just the fulfilling grind, looking ahead every week to potentially challenging practices and games in torrential rain.

What advice would give to new volunteers at SWB?

Fight the instinct to feel like you're "just" a volunteer, because nobody else does! I find it hard sometimes, especially when context switching from a long week at work...Since SWB thrives on volunteer participation, you can take ownership over your role, feel empowered to ask questions, and be vocal about anything that would improve your participation or the program.

What has been your favorite SWB moment?

Talking about Science/Robots with the boys on a drive back to East Boston after a road game.

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