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Introducing the 2022 Soccer Without Borders TCS New York City Marathon Team

Soccer Without Borders (SWB) is excited to announce the 10 members of our 2022 TCS New York City Marathon team! They come to us from all across the United States and, apart from their shared love for running and soccer, they stand united in their passion for the mission of SWB. They will be among a race field of 50,000 people winding their way through New York's five boroughs on Sunday, November 6th, 2022.

"No matter if you are running your first marathon or your tenth, it can be an overwhelming and intimidating undertaking. Likewise, a commitment to fundraise for a nonprofit, no matter how much you may resonate with the cause, can seem almost as daunting," says Dustin Alarid, Director of Communications and marathon manager. “We are blown away by our marathon team for their commitment to train and fundraise at the same time! We are continually encouraged by their dedication and effort as they, without a doubt, are doing their part to contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world.”

The TCS New York City Marathon is a major fundraising event for Soccer Without Borders and the runners can choose to support a specific SWB hub or all programs. Meet Team SWB 2022:

Taylor Bronson (Boston, MA)

As a physical therapist, Taylor proudly works with patients from all different types of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. By witnessing the challenges faced by newcomers, Taylor resonates with the work of SWB and is excited to run his first marathon in support of our Boston hub.

Suzana Martins Bucciarelli (Orlando, FL)

Suzana is a marathon veteran turned triathlon athlete. Not only that, but she is the proud mother of Bela, an SWB staff member at our Oakland hub. Affectionately nicknamed "Team Bela-Su", Bela is her mom's biggest fan and will be helping support her fundraising efforts.

Erin Crossley (Denver, CO)

Erin is an SWB staff member who, after serving at our Baltimore hub, is now working for SWB Colorado. She is an avid runner and will be attempting her first-ever marathon. She is thrilled to be running on behalf of programs that she loves and serves every day!

Natalie Grossi (New York, NY)

Natalie is a former D1 soccer player at Princeton University and will be running her first marathon. Running on behalf of SWB Nicaragua, she is passionate about helping others find opportunities through the sport she loves.

Andrew Kerr (Washington, DC)

Andrew is an educator who has been volunteering and supporting SWB for 15 years. Having previously worked with SWB in Oakland and Boston, he is now excited for the opportunity to run the NYC marathon in support of SWB Uganda.

Scott Leber (Seattle, WA)

Scott was first introduced to SWB in 2010 in Oakland. He will be running his third marathon and first on behalf of SWB! Having experience in the "football for good" sector, Scott is dedicated to seeing barriers being broken down through the power of soccer.

Shahrzad Makaremi (New York, NY)

Shahrzad is a friend of SWB who had the opportunity to work closely with our Oakland team from 2013 to 2016. She ran a half marathon on behalf of SWB in 2014 and is excited to run her second full marathon, this time in support of our Oakland hub.

Anna Siefring (Boston, MA)

Anna is a former D2 soccer player who has been passionate about the sport since a young age. Knowing first-hand how soccer can positively effect one's life, Anna will be running her third marathon and will be supporting SWB Boston.

Dylan Van Duyne (Philadelphia, PA)

Dylan is an educator and coach who is passionate about helping others, playing soccer, and running marathons. He is a seasoned distance runner and is delighted to be running his seventh marathon, this time while fundraising for SWB.

Thurman Van Riper (Boston, MA)

Thurman is a former D1 goalkeeper and friend of SWB's Boston hub. Growing up as a student athlete, he is a proponent of how soccer provides young people with the tools needed to be successful on and off the field. He will be running his first marathon and will be supporting SWB Boston.

Special Shoutout:

Ari Biswas (London, Eng)

Originally part of last year’s NYC marathon team, Ari has already successfully reached his fundraising goal and will be running alongside our 2022 team! Before moving to the UK, Ari was a volunteer coach for SWB and remains a member of our advisory board.


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