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  • Sophia Goethals, SWB

FSF Granada Coaches Support Training Camps in Nicaragua

Fútbol Sin Fronteras Granada has launched a new series of Sport for Development Training Camps for coaches throughout Nicaragua in partnership with Plan Internacional and Women Win.

FSF coaches are experts in developing holistic programs focused on community building, soccer training, and youth development. The FSF coaches travel to different locations throughout Nicaragua, structuring training session content and duration based on the needs of the participants. The goal? To empower young leaders and coaches, specifically women, to bring soccer and youth development programs into their own communities.

While there are many organizations in Granada and Nicaragua promoting youth involvement in sport, social justice, and education, FSF is uniquely positioned as one of the few organizations combining all three. As such, they were poised to support Plan Internacional and Women Win in this endeavor. “I like this program because it’s such a great opportunity to help other participants grow in whatever way they want,” said Lisbeth Calderon, FSF program lead.

In addition to FSF managing the sporting aspect of training, Plan Internacional worked with participants to formulate personal skills around education and career growth. These training programs have a ripple effect when participating coaches return to their communities and start soccer programs using the leadership and community-building skills they learned.


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