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Shannon Fisher Named Seattle Director at Soccer Without Borders

Soccer Without Borders (SWB) is excited to announce Shannon Fisher as its newest SWB Seattle Program Director. Shannon joins a Seattle program that was initially launched in 2018, as a part of SWB’s recent geographic expansion. Her experience and leadership qualities now help to poise SWB Seattle for significant, yet sustainable growth in its capacity for building an inclusive environment for under-served youth on and off the soccer field.

The Seattle Team: Robbie, Shannon, and Stephanie

Shannon brings a wealth of experience working with nonprofits, including operating as Executive Director of Family Promise affiliates in Juneau, Alaska, and as a Program Specialist Mentor Liaison for Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas. Prior to that, Shannon graduated from the University of Kansas School of Law.

As SWB welcomes Shannon as its newest team member, we want to share a recent conversation that we had with her about what attracted her to Soccer Without Borders and which aspects of the role she looks forward to most:

What inspired you to join the SWB team?

The T-shirts! But really, as a lifelong soccer player and international traveler, I believed in the SWB mission and model before I knew SWB existed. Soccer has been a way for me to connect with those who I may not share a language with, and I have seen soccer have an impact on the lives of so many young people. My professional career has been dedicated to building community while walking alongside those who are on the journey of healing trauma, and SWB programs do just that.

What interested you about this particular role?

It is so exciting to be at the Seattle program, which is still new and in a growth phase but has a solid foundation. I look forward to learning from Stephanie, Robby, and Lindsey about what they have built and how to grow responsibly together so more kids' lives can be impacted by SWB.

Can you describe your personal connection with soccer and SWB's mission?

In my previous position in Juneau, Alaska, among the families I worked with were three little girls. During the World Cup they became my soccer team. They had matching shirts, committed to sleeping at night, drinking water, and we ran laps (they chased me around giggling). Was this a premonition? A sign for the future? I'm not sure, but we all had a blast!

Which of your past experiences have been most impactful for you to be a part of? 

The experiences that have most shaped my life have been when I have been a part of a team. For me, a team is a group working toward shared goals. I come from a large family. I have been on sports teams that have overcome challenges and have found success. I have been a teammate to many of those I have worked with professionally as colleagues and clients. Those relationships involve trust and depth.

How do you feel your past experiences have prepared you for this role?

My professional career in direct service and nonprofit management are great preparation for this role. Additionally, my experience of living in different cultures as well as training in trauma informed care are very helpful.

What do you look forward to most about joining this team as the SWB Seattle Director? 

I'm looking forward to the players! Their joy, their goofiness, and their complexity as humans. The staff in Seattle is talented, thoughtful, and compassionate. I am already learning so much from them and am hopeful to have a positive impact on their growth.

We are excited to welcome Shannon to the team, and to see her talent, energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm for using soccer as a tool for positive change impact the SWB Seattle Community!

Read Shannon’s bio here>>


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