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Soccer Without Borders Featured by FIFA

Earlier this month, the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) shown the spotlight on Soccer Without Borders, bringing particular attention to SWB’s presence working with refugees in Kampala, Uganda.  The FIFA Foundation, which was created in 2018, took this opportunity to highlight SWB’s “active role in dealing with social problems, as well as facilitating integration into Ugandan society and access to the world of work.”

SWB has been present in Kampala since 2008, serving thousands of young people from neighboring countries.  This program positively reflects SWB’s emphasis on empowering women through soccer, as over 40 percent of participants are girls.  Furthermore, in a Ugandan setting that is home to one of the largest populations of refugees and internally displaced peoples in Africa, 66 percent of SWB coaches in Kampala are refugees themselves.  

FIFA was keen to commend SWB’s capacity to facilitate events, in which “both locals and refugees come together to take part in football tournaments, festivals and events which serve to strengthen links in the community.”  Nowhere is this more apparent than our fast approaching Youth Festival, which will be held in Kampala from January 3-12, 2020. Volunteer applications remain open at this time, and we encourage those interested to click here to learn more about this opportunity.

Read the full FIFA article here>>


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