Summer Festival
July 3-12, 2020

Please read all of the volunteer information listed below before submitting your application. For more information download Volunteer FAQ 's here.


Individuals who are looking for a meaningful volunteer and cultural exchange opportunity and have an interest in soccer/sport, coaching, youth development, and education are all encouraged to apply. While this opportunity is great for soccer fans, athletes, students, teachers, and coaches there is no minimum level of soccer experience or youth development knowledge required. We are looking for volunteers who are passionate about learning and supporting youth to reach their full potential and are ready to direct all their energy and experience towards the festival. Typical volunteer group size ranges from 15-20 people. 

We encourage volunteers ages 18+ to apply. Not the right fit? Check out our other international opportunities here.



Festival volunteers commit to supporting all aspects of putting this event on for SWB including fundraising, collecting equipment, and covering the costs associated with hosting the group in Kampala. Specifically, volunteers are responsible for:

  1. $500 USD (minimum) financial contribution to Soccer Without Borders

  2. Collecting 50 lbs (minimum) of gently used equipment and bringing it with you to the festival

  3. Purchasing your own airfare, tourist entry visa, and any additional travel related costs (for example immunizations, travel medical insurance, etc)

  4. **OPTIONAL** approximately $400 USD additional if you would like to extend your trip and participate in a 3-day safari with other festival volunteers. This group reservation will be booked by SWB (through a separate safari company) - it is NOT operated by SWB directly. The cost is determinate on the number of people taking part in the safari and the accommodation level (budget, mid-range, high-end).

In order to support a week of activities for SWB players and provide a comprehensive immersion experience, we ask each volunteer to contribute $500 (minimum) to SWB Uganda. The first $150 is considered a non-refundable deposit and is due by April 1, 2020. Volunteers that choose to participate in the safari must contribute an additional $350 to cover associated costs. The remainder of the $500 financial contribution (and the $350 safari add-on) is due to SWB by June 5, 2020.

In the past, many volunteers have reached the minimum $500 contribution through fundraising initiatives and events. By engaging your family and friends to raise or even go beyond the $500 minimum, volunteers are able to make a huge difference to the program's efforts to provide year-round programming to the Nsambya and Kirombe communities. Should you choose to fundraise to cover your financial contribution, SWB staff will work with you to share best practices and provide you with a personal fundraising page that you can share with friends and family. Some schools also offer small grants for international volunteer work either through the NCAA opportunity fund or through the community service office.

During your stay in Kampala, your $500 contribution covers all costs associated with your volunteer experience including:

  • Housing: We organize housing for all volunteers for the nights of July 2-12

  • Food: We provide three meals per day. Our goal is to introduce you to local food, investing in locally run restaurants and vendors.

  • Beverages: We provide purified water for your water bottles at your housing and at SWB facilities

  • Transportation: We provide private transportation to and from EBB airport on the days of arrivals (July 2 & 3) & departures (July 12 & 16) as well as to and from group entertainment and activities

  • T-shirt: You will receive an SWB Kampala t-shirt​

*If you are a current NCAA student-athlete, we strongly recommend that you check with your school's compliance officer before beginning any fundraising activities. 
**For those that may have personal travel plans that bring them to Kampala/Uganda before or after the Youth Festival dates, SWB will not be able to provide additional housing or transportation. SWB will arrange housing, food, and transportation for volunteers only for the dates of July 3-12 or, for those participating in safari, July 3-16.

EQUIPMENT: 50 lbs (23 kg)

When collecting equipment donations to bring with you to Uganda, you should primarily focus on: flat-bottomed shoes/boots, soccer socks, shorts, referee equipment, sports bras, jersey sets (10+ matching jerseys) or matching t-shirt sets (10+ matching shirts). SWB will also share out more specific suggestions about high-need items in the months before the festival.

Your 50lbs (minimum) of equipment donations can be collected in your local community. We usually have a large supply of donated equipment in Boston, MA and Bay Area, CA, and may have access to equipment in other locations - if you have extra room or need support please check with SWB. Colleges, high schools, and local clubs are also great resources for gently used equipment. Please see our FAQ for details regarding equipment collection. Each volunteer is responsible for transporting their equipment donations to Kampala.


Each volunteer is responsible for arranging & purchasing their own flights to and from EBB Airport. The cost of your flights is NOT included in your $500 contribution to SWB. Typical round-trip airfare costs to Entebbe, Uganda range between $900-$2,000 USD. Volunteers must ARRIVE on either July 2 OR July 3, 2020 and DEPART on July 12 or, for those that participate in the safari, depart on July 16. SWB will provide transportation to/from the airport on these dates. Flight information should be shared with SWB by May 1, 2020 so that we can coordinate airport pick-ups for all volunteers.

*For those that have personal travel plans that have them in Kampala/Uganda before or after the Youth Festival dates, SWB will not be able to pick you up or and drop you off but can connect you with local transportation options that you can book through. Airport transportation to/from Kampala to Entebbe airport is $30 USD each way.



You will need to purchase a Tourist Visa for $50 USD, which grants you permission to stay in Uganda for up to 3 months. This cost is NOT included in your $500 contribution to SWB. Volunteers are required to apply for their Tourist Visas in advance here via Uganda's online system. Make sure to apply at this link as their are many fraudulent links out there. SWB will share more information and tips about travel to Uganda and submitting your visa application leading up to the trip. Volunteers are directed to review this page as well for more information about visas for travel to Uganda. 

*Please note that entry requirements may vary depending upon your country of citizenship or residence.



All volunteers are required to obtain the proper vaccinations for entry to Uganda (specifically Yellow Fever and are responsible for any associated costs. We recommend that you visit the CDC Travel Website to view the recommendations and requirements for travel to Uganda. Malaria pills are recommended for Uganda and we suggest you discuss this with your doctor. Uganda also requires that travelers get a Yellow Fever vaccine and provide proof of the vaccination upon entry. You will need to get your vaccinations at least one month before your departure in order to obtain your visa you will need to bring documentation of your vaccinations with you when travelling.


If your personal medical insurance does not cover international travel, we recommend that you consider short-term travel medical insurance for your trip. Past volunteers have frequently used Patriot Travel but there are many other available options. SWB does NOT provide Travel Health Insurance for Camp Volunteers however we do provide access to Medical Advisory Services (this is NOT insurance) from Global Rescue. Global Rescue also offers travel insurance options for purchase. 



During your time with SWB in Kampala the costs of gifts, touristy extras, snacks, etc. are not included in your contribution and will depend on the volunteer. It is possible to spend as little as an additional $10 or as much as $50 during your time at the festival. For your reference, a Ugandan Cranes soccer jersey costs roughly $8 and an authentic, hand­-carved African bowl costs roughly $10. 

For the first time, SWB is offering to book a group safari reservation on behalf of interested volunteers. This is an OPTIONAL add-on for volunteers who would like to extend their time in Uganda with a 3 day safari from July 13-16This group reservation will be booked by SWB (through a separate safari company) - it is NOT operated by SWB directly. The cost is determinate on the number of people taking part in the safari and the accommodation level (budget, mid-range, high-end).  SWB is NOT liable for volunteers while they are on safari and is not coordinating any safari activities. 
Volunteers who would like to participate in a safari alongside other SWB volunteers will contribute an additional amount (estimated to be $400 minimum) to SWB so that the safari can be booked on the group's behalf in advance.


All volunteers must sign a waiver indicating that they understand the risks associated with international work and will not hold Soccer Without Borders accountable for any injuries, accidents or loss of property that occurs while working internationally. Waivers are due to SWB by upon your acceptance to the trip. Download the International Volunteer Waiver here



  • Application Deadline: Rolling (We encourage you to apply as soon as possible! Trips fill up quickly!) 

  • Due upon acceptance: Signed Volunteer Waivers

  • April 1, 2020: First $150 USD (non-refundable deposit)

  • May 1, 2020: Share flight details with SWB

  • June 5, 2020: Remainder of financial contributions (this remainder is $400 USD / for those participating in the safari additional cost will be dependent on safari prices)

  • June 5, 2020: Deadline to confirm with SWB that you have applied for your Tourist Visa

  • July 2 or 3: Arrive in Kampala with equipment donations & ready to serve!


  • Thursday, July 2-Friday, July 3: Volunteer arrivals to Kampala

  • Saturday, July 4: Volunteer Orientation, Activity with SWB staff, Tour of Kampala, Welcome Dinner & Team-building

  • Sunday, July 5: Festival meeting and preparation, Cultural Seminar, friendly soccer match, Team Dinner

  • Monday, July 6 - Friday, July 10: Festival with SWB youth! (8:00am - 4:00pm every day)

  • Saturday, July 7: Visit to local attraction(s), Camp staff team-building event, Closing reflection

  • Sunday, July 12: Departures for volunteers NOT participating in safari

  • Sunday, July 12 - Wednesday, July 15: OPTIONAL safari

  • July 15: Safari participants return to Kampala

  • July 16: Departures for safari participants


To learn more about the volunteer experience and expectations, check our our Volunteer FAQ page here


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. We encourage you to apply sooner rather than later! Once your application is submitted, a member of the SWB team will reach out regarding next steps. Please review all of the dates and volunteer expectations thoroughly before applying!

Have questions? Download the Volunteer FAQ or email Jenn Bell at jenn@soccerwithoutborders.org