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Supporting Newcomer Afghan Youth Workshops

We are pleased to announce a new virtual workshop series entitled "How Soccer Can Support Newcomer Afghan Youth". This free, three-part series is designed for refugee service providers and resettlement agencies, community-based youth programs, soccer clubs and coaches, and anyone else who is interested in learning more about how sport can create belonging, particularly in times of transition and displacement.


How Soccer Can Support
Newcomer Afghan Youth

In partnership with Laureus Sport for Good's SportsLab and with support from the Center for Healing and Justice Through Sport (CHJS), Soccer Without Borders Founder Ben Gucciardi and Managing Director of Programs Lindsey Whitford will be joined by CHJS's Megan Bartlett to facilitate the sessions. Together, they bring over 40 years of experience in sport-based youth development and trauma-informed coaching.

Workshop Recordings

Program Designs for Welcoming Refugee Youth

Refresh on the basics of Afghan resettlement in the USA, learn about four different options for program design, and listen to members of the Afghan refugee community discuss their experiences.

Best Practices in Trauma-Informed Coaching

Learn what research can teach us about the brain science of trauma and how sport can play an important role in healing. Workshop led together with experts from the Center for Healing and Justice through Sport.

Inclusive Team & Program Culture for Afghan Arrivals

Fill your toolkit with routines and activities designed to make youth feel comfortable and engaged on the soccer field, building a positive team culture and inclusive playing experience that creates a sense of belonging.

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