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Our Mission

We believe in the power of soccer, the world's universal language, to create positive change for individuals, families, communities, and the world. 

Our mission is to use soccer as a vehicle for positive change, providing underserved youth with a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success.

Our programs are designed for young people to develop agency, a sense of belonging, and the skills to contribute, building social capital and strengthening positive identity development. 

Two middle school boys run for a soccer ball.

Our Values

Two girls from SWB Uganda smile at the camera.


We aim to advance equity in ourselves as well as our systems, partners, and communities. We seek best practices for equitable access and opportunity, investment, representation, power, and voice.  


We strive to be authentic in all we do. When building an SWB program, we value all voices, particularly those of youth and members of the communities we serve.

Whole Person

We believe in a whole-person approach to youth development. Our programs help young people come into a greater, holistic understanding of their bodies, minds, and voices.


Learning comes from a quality process that focuses on what is within our control: creating a culture of welcoming, addressing obstacles to inclusion, and supporting individual, team and community goals.

Our Culture

Our mantras define the unique culture that is consistent across all SWB hubs, sites, programs, and teams. With such a diverse range of people and programs, our mantras guide us to prioritize what matters most.

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A coach and an alumni player smile and embrace each other.

We're Glad
You're Here

Whether a participant, volunteer, staff member,  partner, or family member, everyone should feel welcomed, valued, and included. By setting a positive, welcoming tone, we can begin to establish a safe and inclusive space.

A group of older girls circles up with their hands in for a cheer.

Leave Your Shoes
at the Door

Our community includes people from all over the world, each with their own customs, beliefs, and backgrounds. We prioritize learning from each other with authenticity, humility, and curiosity.

A young boy stand smiling at the camera with an SWB water bottle in his hand.

You Play Best
When You're Smiling

Joy is contagious. We aim to create a playing and working environment that prioritizes well-being. If you are happy and having fun, then chances are that your team will be happy and having fun as well!

An aerial view of a day of games in Kampala, Uganda.

We proactively work to eliminate financial, social, logistical, and cultural barriers for participants to get to the field. We practice a "do what it takes" mentality in order to support our youth to access opportunities and fulfill their greatest potential.

Get Them to
the Field

A participant scratches his face and looks thoughtfully at the ground.

It can be difficult to express yourself and communicate your needs. Our coaches support self-expression through listening and asking questions. They get to know participants so well that sometimes they know the “thingy thingy” without being told.

Know the
'Thingy Thingy'

A group of participants laugh and smile as they play a teambuilding game.

We recognize the long-term nature of youth development work. We celebrate small, everyday triumphs, that are part of learning and growing. We believe that with a focus on ensuring a consistent, high quality process, positive outcomes will follow.

Celebrate the Pass
More than the Goal

I decided to join SWB because they welcomed me like a family, these people are my motivation to keep going.
There is no better place than home. 

Emile, SWB Participant

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