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Training Center
 at SWB Uganda

Welcome to the SWB Training Center. We aim to flip-the-script on coach training and cultural exchange experiences between the Global North and South. Our expert staff include top coaches and program managers from the Soccer Without Borders Uganda program hub, as well as community impact coaches from Kampala and beyond. Our training packages include flexible pathways and training options such as Inclusive Coaching, Technical Soccer Coaching, Sport for Development, and Cultural Humility & Perspectives. 


Not a football coach? No problem! Our expertise extends beyond the soccer pitch and offerings include guided tours and culturally appropriate interactions with the Ugandan and urban refugee communities, the informal literacy and life schools training sector, gender equality programming, restorative practices training, and much more!

Come learn from our experienced, knowledgable, and energetic team–we promise you will have an unforgettable time with us in Kampala. Keep scrolling, or click on a shortcut link below to learn more.

Pathways and Modules: What You'll Learn

Our Expertise: Meet the Trainers

Trip Packages and Logistics

Decolonizing Coach Trainings

Hover below to see how we are flipping the script on the traditional model


American and European coaches and professionals fly to Africa to visit programs and volunteer

Our Method:

American and European coaches and professionals fly to Africa to visit programs and pay for training.


International coaches train 'local' staff and share technical skills and experiences from the West.

Our Method:

Local coaches and experts train visiting coaches in football-for-good, cultural humility, and inclusive coaching.


Coaches fly home and leave behind their knowledge and skills to be utilized by local staff.

Our Method:

Visiting coaches fly home with new skills/outlook. Local coaches are left with resources to invest back in the community.


The SWB Training Center in Action!

Introducing the Training Center
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Pathways & Modules

Pathways & Modules: What You'll Learn

Cultural Humility

Learn first-hand how people in the Southern Hemisphere live, on and off the football pitch. 


Gain new perspectives through fun, interactive modules and activities such as  Team-Building 101, cooking competitions, local football matches and more.

A participant flips through the air as their teammates watch them during sunset.

Inclusive Coaching

Inclusion is key to all SWB activities and our coaches and leaders are experts at making youth of all abilities, genders and talents feel welcome.

Modules in this pathway include topics such as: coaching with a gender equality lens, coaching different skill levels, coaching for English language learners, curriculum-integrated football training, and inclusive football activities.

Football for Good

Learn about the global football-for-good and sport-for-development sectors including:

  • The origins of football-for-good

  • Global Impact of football-for-good

  • Football for Good in YOUR region

  • The Common Goal movement and the intersection of professional sport and sport-for-good 

Soccer Coaching

While soccer talent development is not the primary purpose of SWB programming, it is still a major strength area for our coaches in Uganda. Whether you’re new to soccer coaching, or an experienced coach already, SWB’s trainers will help you unlock new ways to connect with your players and teams,  and elevate your training session to new heights.​

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

East Africa is one of the key GLOBAL epicenters of football for good!


SWB Uganda has been operating in Kampala for nearly 15 years and provides over 100,000 youth programming hours each year through football for good training, literacy education, gender empowerment, and youth soccer leagues and tournaments. The SWB Uganda Hub’s staff have also supported 100 young women in coaching across the country, and more than 30 soccer organizations from across East Africa through gender equality training and projects.

Our staff have an average tenure of 5 years and include current and former professional Uganda Women’s Super League players, refugee program alumni, and trained education professionals.  Learn more about some of the Training Center lead trainers below:

Meet the Trainers

Hover below to learn about the coaching team


Coach Becky

Becky, a former IDP from Eastern Uganda, is a certified teacher and came to SWB in 2017 after working as a lecturer at the Lira University.


She leads SWB's off-field girls empowerment programming and is a certified Menstural Hygiene Management (MHM) instructor.


Coach Fahaby

Fahaby joined SWB after graduating from Makerere University, the top university in Uganda, in January 2020. She is a former professional football player in Uganda for Kawempe Muslim and SheMak.

When asked why she joined SWB, Fahaby says. "My passion for helping refuges through soccer and helping the community


Coach Jules

Jules, a refugee from South Kivu in the DRC, is an alumnus of the SWB Uganda Program. He has been on staff since 2014, where he has served as a both a literacy instructor and coach. He currently acts as Program Manager and Comms Captain.

Jules also hold's a bachelor's degree from Kampala University in HR Management.


 Coach Ramos joined SWB in 2017 as our first ever Alumni Coach Fellow after graduating from SWB’s Adult Literacy program. He is currently an SWB master coach, allowing him to work with teams of all ages and genders. He is an expert at developing strong team culture, and also actively leads SWB’s senior boys team. Ramos is a certified CBIM implementer and Alumni Coach Mentor.

Coach Ramos


"It's a great opportunity to meet and work with the US-based volunteers and I now have lifelong friendships with SWB Uganda Directors and coaches. The entire trip is well organized with a healthy dose of youth soccer, teaching kids, learning about Ugandan and bordering countries' cultures and foods, and working with kids who are extremely enthusiastic and happy that you are spending time with them. I am really looking forward to my next trip."

Chris, Volunteer and 4-Time Visitor to SWB Uganda