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Celebrating the pass more than the goal, SWB Assist supports partners to advance gender equity and social inclusion worldwide through capacity-building, program design, and strategy consulting.

SWB Assist

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About Soccer Without Borders Assist

We Envision

a more inclusive and equitable world, where all youth have the opportunity to reach their inherent potential.

We Believe
that soccer can speak to young people in a way that few other things can, and that, if designed with intention, sport programs can break barriers to access, advance equity and fuel positive youth development.


We Aim
to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by sharing what we've learned and collaborating to accelerate and elevate the power of sports programs to affect positive change.

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand.

-Nelson Mandela

What We Do

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Capacity Building

We provide technical, tactical and process-oriented support to organizations seeking to advance gender equity and create belonging on the pitch, on the sidelines, and in organizations.

  • Coach Workshops and Trainings (Digital & In-person)

  • Personalized Needs Assessments and Action Planning

  • Curriculum Integration and Implementation

  • Cohort-Based Learning

  • Consortium Development & Leadership

Project Spotlight:

Design and Strategy Consulting

We leverage what we've learned from 16 years of direct service work to support our partners to advance their own strategic goals through program design and launch, content creation, and expansion strategy.

  • New Program Development

  • Multiple Stakeholder Design Initiatives

  • Tool Adaptation & Development

  • Program Structure Consultations

Project Spotlight:

Exchanges and Collective Impact Initiatives

We facilitate and contribute to collaborative initiatives and advocacy efforts to increase information-sharing, elevate best practices, raise awareness, and deepen cross-cultural understanding.

  • Summit Convening & Facilitation

  • Committee & Advisory Group Participation & Leadership

  • Hosting Cross-Cultural & Sports Diplomacy Exchanges

  • Thematic Campaign Activation & Participation

Project Spotlight:

Meet the SWB Assist Team

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Steve - CIT (1500 × 1500 px).png

Steven Davis

Nora Headshot_edited.png

Nora Dooley

Staff Website Photo Edits.png

Ryan Walker-Hartshorn

Signature Program:
Gender Equality Accelerators

"As a cohort, it was good for us to create our own plans and then come together to share ideas of what else might work at our individual programs.”

            - Kat Sipes & Erin O'Brien, SWB Staff & Board Member

The Global Goal 5 Accelerator is advancing gender equality on the pitch, on the sidelines, and in organizations. Each accelerator brings together a regional cohort of organizations to build girls’ participation, advance pipelines and pathways for female coaches, elevate female leaders, and change perceptions in our communities.

Coach Fahaby from SWB Uganda smiles at the camera with one girl on her back and one next to her.

Signature Program:
Switch The Pitch

"Switch the Pitch is a much-needed initiative in the soccer space to help create a more inclusive and anti-racist environment for players of all ages. Its action-oriented approach to educating players and coaches across the youth game is going to revolutionize the way we learn to combat racism in our sport.”

            - Naomi Girma, San Diego Wave & USWNT

Interactive and experiential, Switch the Pitch is a first-of-its-kind opportunity for coaches and youth players to take action to make the game and the world more inclusive and equitable for all.

A group of SWb high school boys brings their hands together for a cheer.
Uganda CBIM

Signature Program:
Coaching Boys Into Men

"This program is important because it teaches respect, and you can’t attack the person you respect. Once you practice what you learn, it becomes hard to act otherwise. You learn to stand against violence.”"

            - Aaron, SWB Uganda Participant

Designed and validated by FUTURES Without Violence, Coaching Boys into Men is a comprehensive violence prevention program that equips coaches to teach young men that violence never equals strength and violence against women and girls is always wrong. The evidence-based program comes with strategies, scenarios, and resources needed to talk to about healthy and respectful relationships, dating violence, sexual assault, and harassment.

Our Assists

Celebrating the passes we've made across 37 countries, supporting more than 100 organizations to advance their social inclusion and gender equality goals.

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