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2015 Kampala Youth Festival


From January 12-16, Soccer Without Borders Uganda hosted the 4th Annual Kampala Youth Festival. The theme of this year’s festival was “Empowerment through Equality (Education).” Each day, more than 300 youth joined together to participate in discussions, games, and soccer play all centered around the theme. The excitement to play and learn was nearly tangible, especially as every day included a dance party at the beginning and end of all activities! The largest Youth Festival that SWB Uganda has hosted to date, the event proved to be a powerful (and fun) way to unite so many youth in the community.

This year’s festival was particularly special because it was the first major event that was entirely led and organized by local staff under the leadership of Program Director Olivier Matanda. Coordinating and drawing from the energy and experience of five volunteers from the U.S., local community members, and a Peace Corps volunteer, the staff did an outstanding job leading a successful event.

The hard work of all staff and volunteers certainly paid off -- in the form of happy participants and newly formed friendships! Thank you to all who make the 2015 Kampala Youth Festival such a success!


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