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  • Sophia Goethals, SWB

Introducing the 2023 Soccer Without Borders TCS New York City Marathon Team

Soccer Without Borders (SWB) is excited to announce the 11 members of our 2023 TCS New York City Marathon team! United through their love for soccer and enthusiasm for SWB, this diverse team of runners come to us from cities across the USA. On Sunday, November 5th, Team SWB will be among a race field of 50,000 people winding their way through New York City's five boroughs.

“For the past 7 years, SWB has been a charity partner for the TCS NYC Marathon,” says SWB Advancement Manager Bridget Black. “We always cherish the opportunity to connect with a new community and utilize the same team-building tactics for runners as we do for our youth teams.”

“For over seven months,” explained Bridget, “Team SWB has trained together, cheered for each other, exchanged fundraising tips, and shared anecdotes about their personal lives. It's incredible to watch the team camaraderie grow! Beyond the friendships that are built within this team of runners, we're grateful to Team SWB for the funds they raise! Their fundraising efforts enable us to expand our soccer, education, and community-building programming for newcomer youth across the United States, Nicaragua and Uganda!”

The TCS New York City Marathon is a major fundraising event for Soccer Without Borders and the runners have the opportunity to support a specific hub, girls programming, or all SWB programs. Meet Team SWB 2023:

Asayat Camarena (Tampa, Florida)

From leadership skills to cross-cultural understanding, Asayat has learned so much from soccer. Now he wants to make sure that all kids, no matter their backgrounds, have access to the game. The New York City Marathon gave Asayat the opportunity to train and run with purpose; he is proud to represent SWB and to give children the chance to lace up their boots for the sport that brought him so much joy.

Erik Daly (Macungie, Pennsylvania)

Erik is excited to give back to the game that has provided him with so much. From life-long lessons, to lasting friendships, to the ability to work with children and young people as a coach, soccer has always been a special place for Erik. He chose to run the New York City Marathon in support of SWB to help give young people the opportunity to experience the power of the game like he has.

Kerri Darling (West Long Branch, New Jersey)

Kerri is honored to be running in support of the great initiatives and mission of SWB. Over the past 30 years, soccer has always been a major component of Kerri's life and now she is excited to be part of a cause that helps introduce and instill the benefits of soccer to younger generations.

Drew Dworkin (New York, NY)

Soccer, squash, tennis and more – Drew is a lifelong lover of sports. Having played soccer all over the country and all around the world, he is excited to be able to support SWB and help others find happiness from the sport as well!

Daring Kaul (Chatham, New Jersey)

Daring is an avid runner and a former soccer player. He believes in the positive change that soccer can bring to youth and is therefore supporting All SWB Programs as he attempts his very first marathon

Joseph Milbury (New York, New York)

Sports have changed Joseph’s life and provided him with an outlet for stress, taught him discipline, and provided him with a better quality of life. He loves the fact that SWB provides these same opportunities to others, including all of the work that we do off of the field as well.

Melissa Morales (Rockville, New York)

Melissa is a first-time marathon runner who is thrilled to run on behalf of SWB. As a first- generation American who was raised on the soccer field (as her dad led a soccer league for immigrants), she saw how the game connects and empowers young people and adults alike. Melissa is excited to raise money for an organization that makes soccer more accessible to young people around the world.

Soraya Morales Nuñez (Stanford, California)

Arriving in the United States when she was two, Soraya has become an advocate for newcomer youth and is passionate about ensuring they have access to the resources and support they need to thrive. An avid distance runner, Soraya will be running the 2023 NYC Marathon on behalf of SWB Oakland.

Natasha Qidwai (Atlanta, Georgia)

Natasha is a member of the SWB Massachusetts Advisory Board and ran the marathon for SWB in 2019. When she volunteered with SWB Massachusetts, she was in awe of the program’s influence on young female players. Natasha hopes that one day her daughter will find an organization as inspirational as SWB.

Fiona Ruddy (Oakland, California)

Fiona is excited to run in support of SWB Girls' Programming in order to help advance gender equity in soccer. As a huge women's soccer fan and former college player, Fiona hopes that through pounding the pavement for SWB, more women will have opportunities to fall in love with the beautiful game!

Tommaso Vitale (New York, New York)

Tommaso works for Capelli Sport, a long-time, valued partner of SWB. Tomasso has had running the New York Marathon on his bucket list for a while now, and believes that doing it in support of a good cause and behalf of others will make the experience even better.


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