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Play It Forward: "Celebrate the Pass More Than the Goal" Recap

At Soccer Without Borders, we believe that when it comes to youth development, the process is the point. We hold process-orientation as a core value, and it shows up in everything that we do on the field, off the field, and behind the scenes.

Focusing on the process means prioritizing the lessons learned through experience, like how to cope with stress, connect with teammates, contribute to a collective, and get back up when you fall. It makes things like scoreboards, statistics, and test results secondary. We celebrate the "pass" - passes of all kinds - more than the goal.

This year, our annual Play It Forward campaign is celebrating 32 stories from 32 Men's World Cup countries, each detailing how soccer is creating belonging and uplifting communities around the world. Below, we have highlighted six stories which have captured the spirit of our "Celebrate the Pass More Than the Goal" mantra.


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