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Play It Forward: "Know the Thingy Thingy" Recap

Sometimes it can be hard to find the words to express what we need or how we feel. When you are learning a new language, as is the case for more than 80% of Soccer Without Borders participants, it can feel even more overwhelming. Having someone in your life who just "gets it" - even without being told - is a gamechanger.

When newcomers first arrive to a new country there is so much unknown. New logistics, customs, ways of being, ways of navigating, and ways of communicating can all add up to an overwhelming sense of uncertainty. "Know the Thingy Thingy" is about the intuition that comes along with a trusting relationship, where young people feel seen, heard, and valued.

This year, our annual Play It Forward campaign is celebrating 32 stories from 32 Men's World Cup countries, each detailing how soccer is creating belonging and uplifting communities around the world. Below, we have highlighted five stories which have captured the spirit of our "Know the Thingy Thingy" mantra.

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