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SWB Uganda Fund

Invest in Soccer Without Borders’ efforts to advance equity and inclusion through soccer for refugee youth in Uganda and East Africa!

Through our daily soccer, education, and community-building programs, Soccer Without Borders (SWB) Uganda serves a total of nearly 1700 youth each year and has become a crucial resource to urban refugee youth in Kampala. 

Additionally, as respected leaders in East Africa’s football-for-good community, SWB Uganda also works to build capacity of partner organizations to create more equitable program spaces where every young person can learn, grow, and thrive.

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Your investment in the SWB Uganda Fund accelerates innovation, learning, and collaboration across the region while  supporting the urgent needs and priorities found within SWB Uganda’s daily, direct service programming.

So whether you decide to make an annual pledge (which would make you an MVP!) or a one-time donation, your contribution is instrumental in helping close the gap, reach our fundraising goal, and (most importantly) harness the world’s game to advance equity and inclusion in East Africa.


Join us!


Fundraising-goal Uganda Fund


As of April 2024

Current Fund Priorities:

  • Ensure the sustainability, effectiveness, and influence of SWB Uganda’s Nsambya-based Refugee Youth Center.

  • Continue the strategic growth of the Kampala Girls League, which has grown to serve approximately 1000 participant girls, three times per year.​

  • Develop and implement a marketing plan for the Uganda Training Center, our ‘flip the script’ coach training and cultural exchange program.

  • Ensure that over 1700 refugee youth continue to be served annually through through our soccer activities, academic programming, or both.

  • Explore ways to expand these services to other refugee youth in the region while maintaining the quality of existing programs.​

The Need

Uganda receives more refugees than any other country in Africa, with over 1.6 million refugees currently living in the country. 106,000 refugees live in Kampala, where there is a major gap in services, especially for refugee children and youth. School enrollment rates for refugees remain below established targets, with nearly 49 percent of refugee youth estimated to be out of school.


Notably, retention rates in primary schools are low and there is limited transition to post-primary settings (including both secondary school and technical/vocational schools).


"Direct assistance to Uganda's young refugee population, which comprises 57% children, has been declining annually, leading to disparities compared to refugees in other regions. Reductions in food assistance, elevated anemia rates, stunting, malnutrition\, and concerns about gender-based violence, child marriage, child pregnancy, and suicide rates are exacerbating the challenges faced by a refugee population that is 91% highly economically vulnerable. Evidence suggests a worsening protection situation and an increase in negative coping mechanisms." - UNHCR

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The Strategy

SWB Programming is Centered Upon Three Core Pillars:

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We proactively work to eliminate financial, social, logistical, and cultural barriers for participants to get to the soccer field.


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As part of our holistic, evidence-based approach, we provide participants with academic and language support, college preparation, leadership development, and life-skills workshops.

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Our programs are community-embedded and designed to strengthen community cohesion and create belonging. We partner other local agencies and like-minded orgs to meet youth where they are and connect participants to valuable local resources.


What We Do

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SWB Uganda currently has four trauma-informed, research-based program areas designed maximize a holistic impact for the refugee youth and marginalized girls served. This includes:

  • Refugee Literacy & Life Skill Classes: Over 500 refugee youth from over six countries of origin are served academically at our Youth Center each year.

  • TEAM programs: Nearly 1200 refugee youth are served annually through our comprehensive, trauma-informed soccer activities.

  • Uganda School Holiday Programming: SWB Uganda runs numerous leagues, camps, and clinics each year serving participants on school holiday.

  • Gender Equity Programming: The Kampala Girls League has grown from six all-girl teams in its inaugural year to over 35 teams in the most recent season! 

SWB Uganda in Action

Get a glimpse of our Uganda Youth Center with this special tour led by SWB participants.

Meet Jules, the SWB Uganda Director, in this motivational video created by Common Goal.

Our Contribution to SDG 5

Soccer Without Borders’ gender equity strategy to date has contributed most directly to the following targets:


End discrimination against women and girls


End all violence against and exploitation of women and girls


Value all unpaid care and promote shared domestic responsibilities


Ensure full participation in leadership and decision-making

We are a proud member of the

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