The Global Goal 5 Accelerator is advancing gender equality on the pitch, on the sidelines, in organizations, and in the media. Each accelerator brings together a cohort of organizations regionally to build girls’ participation, advance pipelines and pathways for female coaches, elevate female leaders, and change perceptions in our communities. 


The Global Goal 5 Accelerator takes a collaborative approach to advancing gender equality through soccer, and sport-for-development organizations. This 10-month program addresses barriers for women and girls holistically: on the pitch, on the sidelines, in organizations, and in the media.


As part of a regional cohort, organizational leaders and female coaches participate in an intensive in-person workshop focused experiential learning opportunities, sharing best practices, and creating organization-specific Gender Action Plans with commitments to advance their progress. GLOBAL Goal 5 Champions bring their learnings and action plans back to local communities, and are supported to accelerate their progress toward their Goal 5 commitments.

On the Pitch

Get her to the field. Girls are underrepresented in soccer globally and in sport-for-development programs.


Goal: Increase girls’ participation

On the Sidelines

If she can see it she can be it. Women coaches are less than a fifth of coaches in our sector worldwide.

Goal: Ensure every girl has a female coach role model in her community

In Organizations

Women in the lead. Ensure organizations are safe and inclusive with pathways for female leaders at all levels.

Goal: Build more gender-inclusive organizations 

In the Media

Elevate stories that have the power to change perceptions locally and globally. 

Goal: Spotlight individual and collective efforts toward Global Goal 5