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USA Global Goal 5 Accelerator: Impact Report

At Soccer Without Borders, nearly 50% of our participants and more than half of our coaches identify as female. Since our founding in 2006, SWB has created pathways for girls of all backgrounds to reach their potential on and off the field.

Yet despite dedicated efforts to address barriers to access, in our USA programs boys join SWB programs at a rate 2-3X that of girls. Reaching gender balance in our USA programs requires a unified effort and targeted investments to accelerate our progress.

The Global Goal Five Accelerator aims to do just that. In 2021, thanks to financial support from Together Rising and the Bettinger Family, SWB USA programs came together to put our recruitment, coaching, access, resources, training, monitoring and leadership development under a microscope.

The result? In just 8 months SWB USA programs increased:

  • Number of girls served

  • Girls’ engagement including attendance and retention

  • Proportion of participants who are girls

  • Number of female coaches

  • Female participant to coach pathways

  • Financial and material investments in girls programming

  • Volume of girls-specific coach training curricula

  • Visibility of girls’ programs in organizational communications

Today on the International Day of the Girl Child, we invite you to join us in celebrating the power of sport to support girls to reach their full potential on the field and off. Learn more about the Accelerator design, process, and results in this SWB USA Accelerator Impact Story or click below.


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