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Global Rescue renews sponsorship of SWB

Global Rescue

Global Rescue has provided in-kind services to Soccer Without Borders staff and team leaders traveling abroad since 2010. Global Rescue offers the highest quality medical advisory, intelligence, and medical and security evacuation services to members anytime, anywhere in the world. Featured on CNN, ABC Nightly News, the New York Times and many other national and international news outlets, Global Rescue conducts thousands of missions each year, many under the most challenging conditions in remote corners of the globe.

“Our relationship with Global Rescue has provided our international staff members with peace of mind and high quality care. Often the hardest part about being in areas where good healthcare is lacking is gaining access to important medical information when you need it most. The support of Global Rescue has been invaluable to SWB and we are incredibly grateful for their continued investment in SWB," said Executive Director Mary McVeigh.

Global Rescue members who are injured or ill while traveling can contact the company 24/7, 365 days a year, for critical medical advice and evacuation services. Through the company’s relationship with Johns Hopkins Medicine, Global Rescue members have access to advisory services from the world’s top specialists. For travelers facing medical and security emergencies all over the world, Global Rescue deploys its critical care paramedics and former military Special Operations forces, then transports members in need of hospitalization to the home country hospital of their choice. Name any major crisis of the past decade – 2010 Haiti earthquake, 2011 Arab Spring uprisings, 2011 tsunami in Japan – and Global Rescue has been involved.

For those interested in becoming a Global Rescue member, learn more and sign up using SWB's code here.

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