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Introducing Our 2023 Annual Report

Dear SWB Community,

2023 was a monumental year for soccer and Soccer Without Borders.

The year marked the FIFA Women’s World Cup that took place in Australia and New Zealand which, despite time zone challenges, locked up over 1.9 million in total attendance, a record number of 164 goals scored during the tournament (the highest of any World Cup ever), and an international television audience of approximately 2 billion viewers. Further, FIFA, in partnership with several United Nations agencies, created Football United the World, a global campaign that unites us all for: Inclusion, Indigenous Peoples, Gender Equality, Peace, Education for All, Zero Hunger, Ending Violence Against Women and that Football is Joy, Peace, Love, Hope & Passion.

In the United States, Detroit City FC launched the Impact League for adult women with a unique focus on social impact aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Additionally, Philadelphia Union midfielder Alejandro Bedoya received the 2023 Audi Goals Drive Programs Impact Award for his partnership with the Philadelphia Equity Alliance, an organization working towards reducing poverty and promoting inclusive and resilient economic growth by advancing collaborative solutions around educational equity, community safety, and growing Black and Brown jobs and businesses.

At Soccer Without Borders we are definitively expanding our reach and impact with underserved youth, registering almost 6,000 participants in our programs. Many of our youth self-report significant positive shifts in their own socio-emotional growth and development. Our financial standing is strong and we share typical nonprofit resource challenges like needing and wanting more professional development for staff while also needing and wanting to grow more robust financial reserves. Our Assist capacity building programs are reaching many coaches and creating sea change in gender equity and combating racism in soccer. Our team of nearly 600 full and part-time staff and volunteers expand our ability to deliver our mission every day and we are so grateful for every ounce of individual and institutional support YOU provide. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

2023 showed us that the world is catching on to the vision and mission of Soccer Without Borders and sharing our worldview that soccer creates a more equitable and inclusive world. This is demonstrated by FIFA’s Football Unites the World campaign, which aligns directly with our work.

The 2026 World Cup is coming to North America and I hope that from now, until then, and beyond, we continue to work together and advance global unity, equity, inclusion, for all.

In solidarity,

Jennifer Tepper

SWB Executive Director


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