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Women's Soccer in the Spotlight

The last six weeks have hurdled women's soccer into the spotlight in a big way. Messages of support and enthusiasm have been juxtaposed with the sinking feelings of disappointment in media coverage and an inability to convert widespread interest into revenue streams that will close the wage and opportunity gaps. For Soccer Without Borders, this spotlight has created a platform to share our stories and highlight the obstacles that stand in the way of girls' inclusion in sport and opportunities at large. One of those opportunities was to be a part of the "Teach Her" series from Public Radio International, which released a series of stories from women leaders in sport around the world. Below is a story from Hassell Chavez, one of our amazing coaches, on the role of educational attainment in the program: Read the full piece from 6/19/15 on "Education is one of the most important pillars and foundations for the development of women in Nicaragua. Access to it has allowed women and girls more opportunities in the farming, science, politics, sports and arts fields. Getting an education allows Nicaraguan women to break through into careers that are traditionally dominated by men. Thanks to this, women are no longer seen only as the housewives that Nicaragua's traditionally machista society expects them to be. Education allows women to empower themselves and have a stake and voice in society. These days, Nicaraguan women are seen as equal to men, and are afforded the same opportunities as men. As a soccer coach and facilitator for the Soccer Without Borders education program for girls, I've noticed a significant increase in our players attaining scholarships. The girls have grown to understand the importance of studying for their development. They now know that education is the tool that they need to reach their future professional goals as empowered women who know that education is the basis for success. The girls of Soccer Without Borders know to take advantage of opportunities and continue to improve their scholastic performance. The women of Nicaragua are on track to lead our country to a brighter future."

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