Soccer Without Borders Featured as a BRYCS 'Promising Practices Program'

SWB was recently featured in Bridging Refugee Youth and Children's Services' (BRYCS) 'Promising Practices' database, an initiative to document and share ideas, information, and best practices from refugee-serving programs across the country. The goal for BRYCS is to track the "many innovative services that benefit refugee children, youth, and families [that] are developed by agencies and individuals every day," and to maintain the "valuable knowledge gained from these efforts about 'what works'."

From BRYCS: "The SWB program has been extremely effective because of its adaptable framework. We respond to the specific needs of a target population and resources within a community by leaving space within our program model for local adaptation... We connect our programs and participants to the local and global community through civic events and team service projects, creating key leadership opportunities off the field. Through team building games, events, and strategies we create a safe, inclusive community that transcends cultural differences. Lastly, cultural exchange is incorporated through our emphasis on dialogue, understanding, and friendship across cultures, which we achieve through intentional activities including the use of grouping strategies, themed events, and mentor placements."

SWB is proud to be considered a resource in helping others to design and implement programs that serve refugee youth around the world, and are eager to learn from other programs so we can continue to improve our own! You can read the full overview at

Learn more about how SWB programs work by clicking here!

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