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Staff Picks: What We're Reading Around World Refugee Day

At Soccer Without Borders, we serve newcomer refugee and immigrant youth from 60 different countries, many of whom have fled some of the world's most challenging conflicts. While soccer is a powerful common language and familiar home, our programs aim to equip our participants for life beyond the field, supporting whole-person development toward growth, inclusion, and personal success.

Many of our direct-service providers are alumni of our programs or newcomers themselves, but there is much nuance in the experience of refugees and displaced persons across the world. As a staff, we have an internal avenue to share recommended readings, podcasts, and videos to better understand that nuance and educate ourselves about the experiences of those we aim to serve. We call it "shareworthy" and, in honor of World Refugee Day, we'd like to share 5 Spring readings with you:

1. "90 Days To Start A New Life: For Refugees In The U.S. What Happens Next?" NPR Podcast (5 minutes)

2. "Kenya Hosts First-Ever TEDs Event At Refugee Camp" Al Jazeera, linking to TEDx

3. "UNHCR's Global Trends Report" released for 2018 World Refugee Day, UNHCR

4. "Ten Most Neglected Refugee Crises" Norwegian Refugee Council

5. "Khalida Popal Defied The Taliban And Risked Her Life To Play Soccer" PRI's The World


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