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Soccer Without Borders and Capelli Sport Sign Renewed Partnership

An SWB participant proudly displaying her Capelli jersey on game day.

Soccer Without Borders (SWB) is thrilled to announce a renewed four-year partnership with Capelli Sport as our “Official and Exclusive Gameday Uniform Provider” for all SWB participants and coaches.

Capelli Sport was founded in 2011 by President George Altirs, with the mission to provide quality, functionality and design for high-level performance on the field. The brand’s innovative, world-class training gear, equipment and uniforms have yielded many global recreational, youth, club, collegiate, semi-professional and professional sports partnerships and is distributed in more than 32 countries worldwide.

Capelli Sport became a core SWB partner and uniform provider in 2019, contributing to SWB's growing impact and reach. By the 2026 FIFA World Cup hosted in North America, SWB will have served over 50,000 youth through our direct-service programs and will have reached tens of thousands more through our SWB Assist-led accelerators, trainings, and initiatives happening around the globe. With the generous support of Capelli Sport, SWB participants of all ages and skill levels - from Oakland to Kampala - will have the opportunity to wear high quality uniforms, providing them with a feeling of excitement and a sense of unity that comes from being part of a team.

“It is an honor to continue Soccer Without Borders' partnership with Capelli Sport as we increase our impact through soccer with newcomers and marginalized youth around the world,” said Jennifer Tepper, Executive Director of Soccer Without Borders. “Capelli Sport’s and SWB's continued partnership over the next few years signals our unwavering commitment to providing safe, affordable, quality access to soccer for all SWB youth. It also models the significance of game day apparel for our youth, volunteers, and staff by exemplifying unity, team cohesion, positive identity formation, and community belonging. We look forward to amplifying these intangible benefits of our partnership on the global stage as we welcome the World Cup to North America in a few short years."

As a clear sign of teamwork and collaboration between SWB and Capelli Sport, Capelli Sport’s Corporate Strategy Manager, Tommaso Vitale, has decided to run the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon as part of Team SWB! Tommaso has worked closely with SWB for many years and has played an important role in ensuring strong

communication between both sides of the partnerships. And now, as part of Team SWB, Tommaso has raised over $4,000 for SWB while ensuring that his NYC Marathon teammates will suit up in Capelli Sport running gear on race day.

Learn more about Tommaso and his experience leading the partnership between SWB and Capelli over the last four years:

How did you first get involved in or connected to SWB?

Capelli Sport's Tommaso Vitale

The very first time I came across SWB was in September 2019 during an event put together

by Beyond Sport. Fast forward two years, after joining

Capelli Sport, I became the Account Manager for the SWB/Capelli partnership! It was great to get this opportunity, even though the two organizations had already had a strong relationship. How funny is life!?

Since the beginning, I very much enjoyed working with the people at the organization for their flexibility, appreciation, and ease to work with as they thrive to accomplish great things for underserved communities using the best tool out there…soccer!

What inspires you to continue to be a part of SWB?

It is refreshing to keep working with an organization that is invested in doing good for the community. By osmosis, this translates positively on the people and organizations revolving around SWB, including me and Capelli Sport.

How are you feeling about running the marathon?

I am feeling very excited and at the same time nervous! After months of training, I feel excited, ready, and open to fully enjoy the marathon experience and vibes of NYC. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. (Although, I hope I do not get the bug of running marathons after this one!)

About Soccer Without Borders

Soccer Without Borders serves refugee and immigrant youth from more than 65 countries of origin through its free, year-round youth development programs. A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, Soccer Without Borders programs are designed for young people to develop agency, a sense of belonging, promote positive identity, and the skills to contribute. Our holistic model combines soccer, education, and community activities, while proactively reducing barriers to entry that typically leave newcomer refugee and immigrant youth excluded.

About Capelli Sport

Capelli Sport is a global multi-sports brand based in New York City, specializing in team sports. Our passion for creating products from lifestyle apparel to footwear and performance match kits enables athletes and teams to maximize their success on the field and beyond. Capelli Sport supports all athletes through a unique global sports ecosystem with a focus on service excellence. Learn more at and find Capelli Sport on Instagram (@CapelliSport).


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