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Global Rescue & Soccer Without Borders: Peace of mind as the world returns to travel

For the past 12 years, Soccer Without Borders (SWB) has had the privilege of receiving in-kind services from Global Rescue, a pioneer and leader in the travel services industry since their founding in 2004. From our ongoing work at our international hubs in Nicaragua and Uganda to providing leadership and expertise at workshops and conferences around the world, travel has always been an integral aspect of our work and has allowed us to contribute towards our mission of using soccer as a vehicle for positive change.

While we have always valued our partnership with Global Rescue, the COVID-19 pandemic shed light on how important our relationship really is. With the finest integrated medical, security, travel risk and crisis management services available anywhere, Global Rescue has provided us with true peace of mind, allowing us to focus our time, effort, and energy on our work providing under-served youth around the world with a toolkit to overcome obstacles to growth, inclusion, and personal success.

“In soccer we say that home field advantage is like having a 12th player on the field. For Soccer Without Borders, knowing that Global Rescue is there for our traveling staff members feels the same way; it’s like having another teammate out in the field with you. During the last 12 years, Global Rescue has provided crucial advice, comfort, information, and peace of mind when our staff has needed it the most,” said Mary Connor, SWB Executive Director.

As we enter the heart of the 2022 summer season, international travel is returning to pre-pandemic norms. Our leadership team has begun traveling internationally again as well. Just within the past few months alone, members of our leadership team have traveled from the United States to Colombia and Germany as well as from Central America and West Africa to the United States. While these trips have, fortunately, been completed without incident, it has been important to know that Global Rescue would have been there in the event of an emergency–at a time when it matters most.

We want to thank Global Rescue for their continued support and dedication to the cause of making the world a more inclusive and equitable place–one where all youth have the opportunity to reach their inherent potential.

Visit Global Rescue’s website to learn more about travel protection services that are important to you and your peace of mind as you plan your next international adventure.


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