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Play it Forward: Advancing Equity

The current global pandemic has widened gaps between those who have access to resources and opportunities, and those who don't. Soccer Without Borders is narrowing those gaps, supporting youth, families, schools, and communities to navigate new barriers to education, social connection, and support services. Our staff is triaging individual and family needs including accessing the internet, acquiring and setting up computers, connecting to virtual resources, and offering tutoring. We also acknowledge the systemic and institutional inequities that have led to the pandemic disproportionately affecting women and girls, and communities of color. We continue to advance conversations around gender and racial justice within our spheres of influence.

Each week of the 2020 Play it Forward campaign will feature a different way in which Soccer Without Borders is going beyond the pitch to ensure the safety and well-being of our participants. Be sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram @soccerwoborders for daily stories of connection and community. Listen to our coaches’ firsthand accounts of their experiences of advancing equity during Covid-19.


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