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Each team participating in the Stay Home Season  commits to holding at least one virtual session per week and completing the weekly Social Impact Challenge each week throughout the season.

The Social Impact Challenge will be sent to each coach by 9AM PST on Monday. Players will have until 5PM PST on Thursday of that week to complete the challenge and submit evidence of completion to their head coach. The virtual session can be a Zoom practice, your own challenge, or any other virtual session that works for your team. 

If your team wants to do more than one virtual session in a particular week, or every week, you will receive 'extra' points for those sessions on the scoresheet. 


For each virtual session and each week's Social Impact Challenge, your team will earn a score from 1-10 based on the percent of attendance. For example:

  • If 33% of players attend, the team receives 3 points. If 66% attend, the team receives 7 points. Round up or down.

  • If there are 16 players on the roster, and 8 attend a virtual session, the team gets 50%, and will receive 5 points for the session in the overall standings. 


The maximum weekly points a team can earn is 20. The maximum season points a team can earn is 100. 



Each coach will record his or her team's score in the Scoreboard after each virtual session. 

Weekly scores must be entered by the end of the day on Thursday. Scores should be a number between 1-10 based on percent attendance as explained above. 


SWB staff will maintain the scoreboard and league standings. Each week, SWB will update the standings and notify teams of their place in the league. 



When teams sign up, they should indicate the size of their team roster, but do not need to submit names. 


To encourage participation, 10 is the roster minimum. If you have fewer than 10 players but still want to take part, contact

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