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Who is organizing the Stay Home Season?

Soccer Without Borders is organizing the Stay Home Season to support coaches and teams to combat youth isolation during a time of COVID-19. Learn more about Soccer Without Borders' COVID-19 response here

How long does the season run?

The Stay Home Season will run from April 28th-May 29th. We will host a Kickoff Zoom meeting to answer any final questions, bring coaches together, and introduce the league's divisions on April 27th

Who else is participating?

So far, soccer teams from 12 states and three countries have signed up! Teams come from soccer clubs, schools and sports-based youth development organizations. 

Can you tell me more about scoring?

Scoring is done on the honor system. For every virtual session, the coach will assign his or her team 1-10 points based on the percentage of participation. If 70% of the team take part, the team receives a 7. The Facilitator's Guide provides a Scoring Key to help coaches score each session. The coach should enter his or her team's scores every week in the Stay Home Season Scoreboard by the end of the day on Thursday. 

Will there be prizes for the winners?

Yes! Winning teams will receive equipment, t-shirts or a virtual visit with professional players. In addition, if the team would like to be featured in social media content related to the league, opportunities will emerge throughout the season. 

Is there a fee to participate?

No, the Stay Home Season is being offered in the spirit of community and service. If you appreciate the platform and would like to donate to Soccer Without Borders' programs for underserved youth, you are welcome to do so.

Can we interact with other teams from the season?

As the season goes on, we encourage teams to forge connections (if they want) with other teams taking part. The whole purpose of the season is to create unity and a sense of connection as we self-isolate. Creative ideas that further this goal are welcomed and encouraged!

What do you mean by a virtual session? 

The virtual sessions are intentionally left open for interpretation by each coach - some coaches will use the time to check in with their players, some will use it for soccer skill building, some may choose to incorporate fitness, some may do team-building activities. We have had success with virtual practices incorporating a bit of all of that into an hour long session. 

Who should I contact with specific questions?

Bridget Black, Stay Home Season Commissioner, can be contacted at

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