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  • Sophia Goethals, SWB

SWB Nicaragua Coach Reyna Roblero Named Granada’s Outstanding Female Athlete

Reyna Roblero – a coach, program alumna, and former Nicaraguan National Team player from our SWB Nicaragua hub (or Fútbol Sin Fronteras as it’s known locally) – was presented with an award for “Outstanding Female Athlete of the Municipality of Granada in Women’s Football.” The honor, presented by the Mayor of Granada, the Nicaraguan Sports Institute, the Alexis Arguello Sports Movement, and the National Sports Association, was given in recognition of Reyna’s unwavering commitment to leadership and her outstanding work promoting and implementing girls' soccer programming in Nicaragua.

“This is for girls to see that all their dreams can be fulfilled,” Reyna said. “As long as they persevere and are consistent in everything they do.”

Reyna’s journey with Futbol Sin Fronteras (FSF) began when she was a child. As an FSF participant, it didn’t take long for the soccer pitch to become a space where she felt happy and safe. Later in life, as a player on the Nicaraguan National Team, soccer provided Reyna with the opportunity to travel to many countries, representing her country and the women’s game. It was during this time that Reyna developed her passion for leadership and recognized the influence that she could have on not only girls, but her entire community as well. This passion, combined with her experience as an FSF participant, led her to return to the organization, this time as an FSF coach!

“Well at first, I appreciated the way that I was treated by [my FSF] coaches when I was a participant,” Reyna said. “Then when I got a little older, I knew that I wanted to be just like them, to influence others just like they had done for me.”

When she began her new role as a FSF coach, Reyna immediately recognized the importance of creating a safe, fun, and welcoming space for the girls on her team. She focused on ways in which her players could experience the joy and freedom of soccer, just like she did as a child.

Since beginning her coaching career, Reyna has earned her Level C Coaching License, a huge testament to how hard she has worked to hone her craft and to ensure that every participant she coaches has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Her success as a coach is not only due to her experience as a player, but also because she is able to so clearly reflect those she serves–bringing her story back full circle.

"Why is it important to support female footballers?” reflects Reyna. “Well to start, it is important because it’s too common for a community to not have any organizations or role models who are working to support women's football.

When I was a young player at tournaments, there was always little support. Only your parents or your close friends would go to see you–usually only your parents would even know you were there! So now, I try to ensure that girls are empowered through football, ensuring that even more girls have access to the game.”

Congratulations Reyna! Your contributions on and off the field are not only making a lasting impact on the lives of many girls and women, but also for the game of women's soccer as a whole.


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