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Learn how "Soccer is a Unifier" at SWB Oakland, teaching language skills and contributing to the close-knit learning community at Oakland International High School

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September 21: International Day of Peace, Global

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What We Do

Program Types:

To fulfill our mission, Soccer Without Borders implements three levels of youth-development programs: CoreSeasonal, and Camps. Because community needs and available human and physical resources vary by location, this program level framework allows SWB the flexibility to achieve its mission in multiple contexts.

Core: SWB Core programs are the most comprehensive, operating year-round, 3-5 days/week, at least 40 weeks/year, on and off the field.

Seasonal: SWB Seasonal programs do not offer year-round program activities, due to location-specific factors and resources. Seasonal programs operate 1-2 days/week, at least 26 weeks/year.

Camps: SWB Camps may support Core and Seasonal programs, or exist independently. Camps lack the long-term depth of a Core or Seasonal program, but offer condensed, intensive versions of SWB curricula.



The SWB Program is successful across borders because of its adaptable framework. SWB responds to these needs by leaving space within our program structure to provide resources, programs, and services specific to the target population and local culture. SWB creates a team environment defined by consistent programming and a culture of acceptance. The confluence of physical, emotional, and social support within an SWB program provide youth participants the space to invest in program activities, building the toolkit they need to pursue positive personal, peer group, and community priorities. 

This adaptable framework consists of five main activities: Soccer Play and Instruction, Team-Building Activities, Off-field Education, Civic Engagement, and Cultural Exchange.