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  • Jules Mayele

Coaching Boys Into Men: SWB Uganda

Soccer Without Borders Uganda is the latest SWB program hub to implement the Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM) curriculum designed and facilitated by FUTURES Without Violence. After four coaches and coordinators were trained, they taught the curriculum to their older boys teams. Since its launch, CBIM has been an integral part of our program on strengthening respect, accountability, and creating safer spaces for each other, and particularly for women and girls.

Recently, SWB Uganda celebrated the International Day of Peace with a CBIM Halftime Celebration gathering all the older boys and girls teams to experience sharing, group discussions, and storytelling sessions about the impact this program has had on them. Gaining important insights and perspectives from the youth who have been taking part, who shared the below:

“It is important to respect all groups of people because abusive language is bad as it belittles others, we should be respectful and supportive at all times. Gender-based comments or remarks are not good, it is an attack.” - Jean

“I have applied lessons from CBIM in my life, giving someone the chance to take a personal choice, in case the choice made is not favoring, I keep a positive reaction.” - Job

“I have learned how to step back and let others make personal decisions rather than dictating them, also giving people their space and respecting their personal time. These are important boundaries, helping me to know how far I can go in case I am talking and interacting with someone.” - Jonas

“This program is important because it teaches respect, and you can’t attack the person you respect. Once you practice what you learn, it becomes hard to act otherwise. You learn to stand against violence.” - Aaron

“I have liked this program so much. It helps us know the impact of our actions, however small, changing mindsets and how to build healthy relationships, not shouting at each other, and not being aggressive with a bad attitude towards feedback.” - David

The Coaching Boys Into Men program has made an immense and noticeable impact upon the boys and their female peers around our Soccer Without Borders Refugee Youth Center, and around their respective communities.


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