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Keep the Ball Moving Juggle Challenge

Soccer Without Borders exists to build a more inclusive world. Soccer is the vehicle, but we have always been in the business of combating exclusion and isolation with belonging.

Creating belonging means keeping the ball moving and getting everyone in the game. That's why Charlie Davies, Yohannes Harish, Ann Cook, John O'Brien, Calen Carr, Michael Chabala, Warren Creavalle, and Soccer Without Borders players and coaches from all over the world are coming together and passing the ball to you.

SEND US YOUR VIDEO keeping the ball moving, and we'll add you to the video. How many continents, countries, and states can we reach? 

LEARN MORE about how we're creating belonging in a time of Covid-19 and consider a tax-deductible donation to our work with underserved youth. Today on Giving Tuesday, donations are being matched by the Soccer Without Borders Board of Directors.

Some important notes on sending a video:

1. Make sure the phone/camera is held horizontally during recording

2. Have the ball enter the video frame in the air on the left and exit in the air on the right (as the viewer sees it). This means that it is opposite for the player who is facing the camera.

More extensive video guidelines/recommendations to think about include:

● If you've got a Soccer Without Borders shirt, show us!

● Find good lighting (Recording outside or by a window can work well, or use of a lamp behind the recording device)

● Record as close as possible without cutting off any part of your body or the ball

● Set up your recording space so the focus is on you and distractions are eliminated. Remove objects in the space that are not necessary for filming. Be aware of objects you wouldn’t want shown in the video

● Eliminate movement of the recording device- it can help to use a tripod or an immobile surface

● DON’T zoom in or out during recording

Video files can be uploaded at this dropbox link:

Please label the video file with your first name and location. If you have any questions about the project or the recording, you can reach out to Trevor via email at:

Uploading provides Soccer Without Borders with permission to use the video in social media and on our website as a part of the Keep the Ball Moving video.


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