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Volunteer Spotlight: Al Milligan

Al is a professional photographer who has been lending his services to SWB Colorado for almost four years. He has been a staple on the sidelines since he first started photographing games and camps back in May 2017.

When did you first start volunteering for SWB and how did you learn about the program?

I started volunteering with SWB in May, 2017. I learned about SWB through a web search. I was looking for a way to help refugee kids in the area and being a major soccer fan (go Barca!) this was a logical choice.

What has surprised you most about working with SWB?

How much fun it is to work with the kids. The kids love participating in the camps and in the games. The Colorado staff is fantastic. They really care about the kids and the kids care about them.

What’s a favorite memory of your time as a volunteer with SWB?

My favorite memory is actually on-going. When I'm taking pictures of the kids during the camps I have to keep telling them to listen to the coaches because they want to see the pictures that I'm taking. I always tell them to come back at break and I'll show them the photos. During the games everyone on the sidelines is always asking me to take their picture and posing for me.

What’s the best part about being a SWB volunteer/your favorite thing to do?

Seeing the smile on the kids faces. I photograph as many of their local camps and games as I can. I hope that my pictures help people become more aware of SWB and the great and important work that you're doing.

What do you do when you aren’t volunteering?

I help my wife with her cooking classes. She teaches how to cook bread and Spanish food. I also do food photography. I love to travel and I generally spend about 3 months a year in Spain.

Who makes up your family?

My family is my wife and I at home and I have three grown kids who all live nearby.

Anything else you’d like to add about SWB or yourself?

SWB is doing valuable work in helping kids. I look forward to working with SWB every year.


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